Metalenema Episode 1-5-22

We’re bringing back the Band of the Month, starting with Azothyst, and their crushing new EP, “Blood of Dead God”. Evil black metal the way we (and you) like it! Plus all the usual greatness of death, black, and thrash!

  1. Vorator Wrath of Mithridates Italic Raids
  2. Bekëth Nexëhmü Ragnaröks Ankomst De Fördolda Klangorna
  3. Cabal Dark Desires Midian
  4. Azothyst Graveless Mass Blood of Dead God
  5. Gevurah Mark of Lucifer Sulphur Soul
  6. Pentacle The Utmost Desolation Under the Black Cross
  7. Azothyst Eradication Altar Blood of Dead God
  8. Vorkreist Purified in Hellfire Sabbathical Flesh Possesion
  9. Armoured Angel Carved In Sin Mysterium
  10. At War Church and State Retaliatory Strike
  11. Stormtroopers Of Death Fist Banging Mania Speak English Or Die
  12. Excel Set Yourself Apart Split Image
  13. Deathsiege Victorious Dead Unworthy Adversary
  14. Fallen Christ Kill Of The Newborn Abduction Ritual
  15. Blood Inferno Inferno
  16. Blood Impulse To Destroy Inferno
  17. Heresiarch Conflagration Hammer of Intransigence
  18. Corpsessed Apotheosis Beyond Abysmal Thresholds
  19. Witches Hammer Thawed from Ice Devourer of the Dead
  20. Vorum Rabid Blood Poisoned Void
  21. Dismember Deathevocation Like An Ever Flowing Stream
  22. Profanatica Rotting Incarnation of God Rotting Incarnation of God
  23. Invultation Necromaniacal Curse Unconquerable Death
  24. Ofermod Foamborn Kytheria Pentagrammaton (Belfagor)
  25. Antaeus Blood Libels Blood Libels
  26. Dominus A Sign From The Cryptic Winter View To The Dim
  27. Poisonous Under The Blessing Of Death Perdition’s Den