Metalenema Episode 8-4-21


RIP Dusty Hill. Your humble hosts have scores of new tracks to blast your mourning ears, including new cuts from Destruction Ritual, Hellstrike, Deathfucker, Hexorcist, and Craven Idol.



  1. Destruction Ritual A blade as pure as a God Destruction Ritual
  2. Black Curse Enraptured by Decay Endless Wound LP
  3. Necros Christos Black Mass Desecration Triune Impurity Rites
  4. Hell Strike Chains of Frost Hellstrike
  5. Deathfucker Damnation Strikes Firespawn
  6. Hexorcist Sentry at the Seven Gates Evil Reaping Death
  7. Unaussprechlichen Kulten Search and an Evocation Teufelsbücher
  8. Fulci Voices Exhumed Information
  9. Angantyr Skyggespil Svig
  10. Niden Div. 187 A View In The Mirror Black Impergium
  11. Living Death Horrible Infanticide (Part One) Protected From Reality
  12. Atheretic Hermetic Seclusion Adhesion, Aversion…
  13. Absu The Sun Of Tiphareth The Sun Of Tiphareth – Alternate Mix
  14. Boundless Chaos Arson from Beyond Of Death and Perdition
  15. Pessimist Psychological Autopsy Blood for the Gods
  16. Marras From the Last Battleground Endtime Sermon
  17. Malum Son of the Dracul Devil’s Creation
  18. Craven Idol Iron Age of Devastation Forked Tongues
  19. Hatespawn Blasphemous Redeemer – One World, One Voice, One Will Abyssic Conquerors
  20. Kult Ofenzivy Svědectví Symfonie Oceli
  21. Adorior Birth of Disease Author of Incest