Metalenema Episode 6-23-21


Slitzkrieg went to John McEntee from Incantation’s wedding, and brought back a full report, along with a selection of bands who played!



  1. Ascended Dead Arcane Malevolence Ritus Mortuus
  2. False Prophet False Prophecy Second Death
  3. Thy Infernal Wolfstorm Warlords Of Hell
  4. Incantation Eternal Torture Onward To Golgotha
  5. Morbosidad Sombras de Muerte y Sufrimiento Muerte de Cristo en Golgota
  6. Grave Miasma Demons of the Sand Abyss of Wrathful Deities
  7. Immortal Moonrise Fields of Sorrow Battles in the North
  8. Steel Bearing Hand ‘Til Death and Beyond Slay In Hell
  9. Baxaxaxa In Shadows They Lurk The Old Evil
  10. Fleshcrawl Festering Flesh Descend Into The Absurd
  11. Abigor The Soft And Last Sleep Orkblut – The Retaliation
  12. Abigor Severance Orkblut – The Retaliation
  13. Deicide Behead the Prophet (No Lord Shall Live) Legion
  14. Lucifericon Intrinsic Being Al​-​Khem​-​Me
  15. Kreator Bringer Of Torture Extreme Aggression
  16. Innsmouth The Departure of the Three The Departure of Shub-Niggurath
  17. Kawir Danaides Adrasteia
  18. Initiation Mörkrets Ulvar Initiation
  19. Nastrond 666 May The Rotten Bones Absorb Life Again Todeslaut
  20. Apostasy Deceased in Funeral Death Return
  21. Katavasia Triumphant Fate Magnus Venator
  22. Cambion Fatalitism Conflagrate the Celestial Refugium
  23. Funeral Nation Misery After The Battle XXV