Metalenema Episode 4-21-21

We debut the newest from Texas’ cauldron of metal madness, Steel Bearing Hand, along with killer new tracks from Cambion and Kanonenfieber! Fuck yeah!

Steel Bearing Hand Command of the Infernal Exarch Slay In Hell
Necromaniac Cosmic Onslaught Morbid Metal
Mortuary Drape Liar Jubileum Tolling 13 Knell
Cambion Obscuratio Conflagrate the Celestial Refugium
Exmortis Lords of Abomination Descent Into Chaos
Heresiarch Storming Upon Knaves Death Ordinance
Ljosazabojstwa Idzi I Hliadzi Głoryja Śmierci
Demented Ted Liquid Remains Promises Impure
Eternal Majesty The Way of Eternal Damnation SPK Kommando: We Hope You Die
Drave La Débâcle Terroir
Kanonenfieber Der letzte Flug Menschenmühle
Excel Split Image Split Image
The Stone Tremors Beneath the Ground of the Charnel House Kosturnice
Emperor/Enslaved I am the Black Wizards Emperor / Hordanes Land
Malevolent Creation Thou Shall Kill! Ten Commandments
Dr. Shrinker Rawhead Rex Grotesque Wedlock
Invincible Force Illusion of Truth Decomposed Sacramentum
Denial of God The Shapeless Mass The Hallow Mass
Embrace of Thorns The Origin of Scourge Praying for Absolution
Les Neiges Eternelles Comme Une Charogne Neige Éternelle