Metalenema Episode 9-16-20

Remember when McDonald’s used to have the cinnamon Danish? Those were so good. Oh yeah, and new tracks from Ildskaer, Katavasia, Ordinance, Lifvsleda, and more!



  1. Black Funeral The Vampyric Rabisu at the Threshold Scourge of Lamashtu
  2. The Black Fleshless Alongside Death
  3. Black Beast Fist of the Devil [2019] Nocturnal Bloodlust
  4. Ildskær Mellem Tvende Troner Den Rædsomste Nat
  5. Novae Militiae Faithfully Reduced to Ashes Topheth
  6. Katavasia Blood Be My Crown Magnus Venator
  7. Omegavortex Black Abomination Spawn Promo 2018
  8. Genocide Shrines Ethnoheretical Padmavyuha Manipura Imperial Deathevokovil
  9. Blood Urn  Kataklysmic Epiphany …Of Gory Sorcery and Death
  10. Ordinance The Kingdom of Nothing In Purge There Is no Remission
  11. Pestilence Out Of The Body Consuming Impulse
  12. Sanguis Imperem Praeternatural Order In Glory We March To Our Doom
  13. Lifvsleda Vederkvickelse Det Besegrade Lifvet
  14. Tsatthoggua Status Stürmer Hallelujah Messiah
  15. Spirit Possession Spirit Possession Spirit Possession
  16. Blood Divine Seed O Agios Pethane
  17. Enshadowed Beyond the Knowledge of Truth Stare into the Abyss
  18. Drastus Aeons Corpse Roars From The Old Serpent’s Paradise
  19. Ciel Nordique Mon fils II
  20. Deathsiege Infiltrate Victimize Exemplify Unworthy Adversary
  21. Sorcier Des Glaces Le Puits Des Morts Le Puits Des Morts