Metalenema 6-24-20

The only thing we hate more than skinny jorts are so-called death and black metal bands who wear them. It just isn’t an indicator of anything good. We’re also anti-deck shoes, as you can see. Lots of new tracks this week, including Sanctifying Ritual, Front, and Regarde Les Hommes Tomber!



  1. Abhomine Gogamgoz Proselyte Parasite Plague
  2. Regarde Les Hommes Tomber The Renegade Son Ascension
  3. War Fare Rape Total Death
  4. Youna Tievelswizzan Zornvlouch
  5. Mavorim Der Himmel bricht entzwei Axis Mundi
  6. Sanctifying Ritual (Tales of the) Sinister Appearance Sanctifying Ritual
  7. Ljosazabojstwa Źniščany Boh Głoryja Śmierci
  8. Front Venom & Salt Antichrist Militia
  9. Brzask Intro Brzask
  10. Brzask Brzask I ( White Ravine) Brzask
  11. Inisans Holocaust Winds Death Fire Darkness 
  12. Wargrinder Absolution Through Armored Warfare Ironclad Destroyer
  13. Moribund The Ominous Oracle / The Bells of Revenge Have Tolled The
  14. Transcending Grace of the Lugubrious Paths
  15. Ravager Nuclear Vomiting Warcraft Naxzgul Rising
  16. Thanatos The Outer Darkness Violent Death Rituals
  17. Order From Chaos Forsake Me This Mortal Coil Stillbirth Machine
  18. Force of Darkness House of Baphomet Force of Darkness
  19. Maveth The Cyclopean Pylons Of Dis Breath Of An Abomination
  20. Konkhra Deathwish Malgrowth
  21. White Death White Death’s Power White Death