Metalenema Episode 9-9-16 – A Farewell to NT Khrist

It is with some sadness that Metalenema says goodbye to a stalwart co-host and friend, DJ NT Khrist. He was a great addition to the show, and his off-beat sense of humor and role as a reluctant straight man (relatively speaking, anyway) were funny and memorable. He was, and is, passionate and encyclopedic when it comes to metal, and he will still be a visible contributor to the Texas metal scene. In fact, he’s so busy with all the bands he is in that he had to quit this show!

Thank you, Jake, for your four and a half years of dedication and loyalty, along with the 153 episodes you recorded with me in the meantime.

The show will go on! It must go on! In fact, it’s going to be up here next week as usual (unless I screw up and forget to upload it). What’s next? You’ll see.

– The Undertaker