Metalenema Episode 6-26-24

More bizarre and wet sickness from our band of the month, Tsatthoggua! We also debut killer new tracks from Triumph Genus, Adversarial, and Abisma!



  1. Blood Dogmatize Impulse to Destroy
  2. Master Minds Under Pressure Saints Dispelled
  3. Cardiac Arrest Victims To The Blasphemy The Stench Of Eternity
  4. Tsatthoggua – I Drive My Dogs (To Thule) We Are God
  5. Tsatthoggua – True Black Love We Are God
  6. Tsatthoggua – No Paradise For Human Sheep We Are God
  7. Triumph, Genus Já, Život, upřeně hledím na vás Eugenika
  8. Uttertomb Aurora Cruoris Nebulas of Self-Desecration
  9. Apparition Soldier of Death Fear the Apparition
  10. Black Dawn To Haunt And To Feed Blood For Satan
  11. Vargrav Encircle the Spectral Dimension The Nighthold
  12. Warmoon Lord Empowered with Battlespells Battlespells
  13. Deathfucker Plague Descends Firespawn
  14. Battalion Battle At Helles Into Harms Way
  15. Soulburn Crypts of the Black Feeding on Angels
  16. Dekapitator Toxic Sanctuary The Storm Before The Calm
  17. Centurian Feast of the Cross Contra Rationem
  18. Christicide The Sun of the Accuser Christicide
  19. Adversarial Death Is an Advisor in the Woods of the Devil Solitude with the Eternal…
  20. Degial Deathsiege Savage Mutiny
  21. Sacramentary Abolishment The Occurrence Of The Flashback Seizure River Of Corticone
  22. Ceremony Ceremonial Resurrection Tyrany From Above
  23. Polluted Inheritance Memories of Sadness Ecocide
  24. Abisma In The Sinister Halls Of Iniquity Disciples Of The Black Ram
  25. Blot Mine Off To War Porphyrogenesis
  26. Dementor The Law of Karma Kill the Thought on Christ