Metalenema Episode 1-10-24 – The Best Metal Albums of 2023!

Sammath’s “Grebbeberg” is our album of the year, followed by nearly 50 other releases that blew our fucking heads off! We count down our top 11 (since Demoncy had two killer releases at once), and then play the best of the rest! Dig in, see what you missed, and see if you agree with our selections in this massive two-part episode!




  1. Ekrom/I Djevelens Skygge Uten/Nådigst Formildelse
  2. Ruim/The Triumph (Of Night & Fire)/Black Royal Spiritism I O Sino da Igreja
  3. Varathron/Crypts in the Mist/The Crimson Temple
  4. Vargrav/The One Who Lurks Beyond the Starscape/The Nighthold
  5. Demoncy/De Mysterium Noctis/Black Star Gnosis
  6. Demoncy/Diabolica Blasphemiae/Diabolica Blasphemiae
  7. Minenwerfer/Feuerwalze Feuerwalze
  8. Marduk/Blood of the Funeral Memento Mori
  9. Deathfucker/Summon the Anti-God/God Devourer
  10. Baxaxaxa/De Vermis Mysteriis/De Vermis Mysteriis
  11. Sammath/Murderous Artillery/Grebbeberg
  12. Evoked/Diabolical Catacomb/Imprisonment Assassins of Hades
  13. Cruciamentum/Abhorrence Evangelium/Obsidian Refractions
  14. Triumph of Death/Messiah (Live)/Resurrection of the Flesh
  15. The Magus/Idolatrous Discord/Vissodomontas
  16. Profanatica/The Third Fall/Crux Simplex
  17. Sadus/Ride The Knife/The Shadow Inside
  18. Sacrenoir/Épuration/Comme des Revenants Parmi les Ruines
  19. Délétère/Messe scandaleuse/Songes d’une nuit souillée
  20. Death Reich/In Serpents Skin/Disharmony
  21. Unpure/Beyond the Nightmares/Prophecies Ablaze
  22. Torture Rack/Forced From The Pit/Primeval Onslaught
  23. White Death/To Die a Thousand Times/Iconoclast
  24. Sepulcrum/Caustic Inhalation/Lamentation of Immolated Souls
  25. Grafvitnir/ Lycanthropic Litany/ Into the Outer Wilderness
  26. Mavorim /Was des Lebens nicht wert/ Ab Amitia Pulsae
  27. Hinsides/ Hinsides hörs djävulsklockans urklang /Hinsides hörs djävulsklockans urklang
  28. Thanatomass/ Sorcery Of Hades /Hades
  29. Phobocosm /Infomorph/ Foreordained
  30. Sühnopfer/ Sermon sur le trépassement /Nous sommes d’hier
  31. Thy Darkened Shade/Into Eerie Catacombs/Liber Lvcifer II: Mahapralaya
  32. Malicious/Ambient Sonic Annihilation/Merciless Storm
  33. Infernal Execrator/ Terrorized Consecration/ Diabolatry
  34. Plague Bearer/ Antichristian Inquisition/ Summoning Apocalyptic Devastation
  35. Sort Sind /Tomhed /I skyggen af livet
  36. Apparition /Soldier of Death /Fear the Apparition
  37. Total Hate /Immersed in Hellfire/ Marching Towards Humanicide
  38. Xalpen /Daughters of the Nightside/ The Curse of Kwányep
  39. Haxar/ Totenreich/ Haxar
  40. Mortuary Drape /The Secret Lost/ Black Mirror
  41. Venefices /Blaspheme the Holy Blood/ Incubacy
  42. Tenebro/ Necrofilia /L’ Inizio Di Un Incubo
  43. Mortual /Morbid Thoughts/ Evil Incarnation
  44. Sodality/ Possession /Benediction part 1
  45. Mutation /Severed Souls/ Demo ’23
  46. Demonized /Unleashed The Devils Bane/ Abyss Vanguard
  47. Terrestrial Hospice /December Night/Caviary To The General